Preparado por RAFAEL ARAYA J. Revisión: Abril de 2004 Comentarios en programas ABAP/4 . Para hacer los programas más fáciles de leer y mantener, estos siempre deberían contener comentarios que describan los efectos de ciertas instrucciones colocadas en lugares relevantes del código.
Details of SAP TCURT table & its fields. Table used for Currency Code Names.TCURT table is coming under BC and BC-SRV-BSF-CUR module.
As and when SAP stores / retrieve data for our queries, it looks into TCURX table for the Number of Decimals tagged for a specific currency in Currency field. As we knew, TCURX table contains all currencies that were defaulted and number of decimals. TCURX Table store all currency codes which are not equal to 2 decimals. TCRUX Table view in SAP: Answer: Row-based tables: It is the traditional Relational Database approach It stores a table in a sequence of rows. Column based tables: It stores a table in a sequence of columns i.e. the entries of a column is stored in contiguous memory locations. SAP HANA is particularly optimized for column-order storage.
The entry in TCURX table for that currency is '0'. The value in the Cube is 123.45 and its displayed in BEX as 12345. Also let me again stress this point that in the TEST system, for the same currency the value maintained is '0' in TCURX. In the cube the value is 123.45 and the result shown in BEX is 123.
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