Drawer Dividers for Small Parts Cabinet. They fit Canadian Tire cabinets and other brands. Printable Files. 135572_Drawer_Divides_for_Small_Parts_Cabinet .
This is a metal cabinet with plastic drawers. I have had this parts cabinet for perhaps 40 years, and used it for small electronic parts and hardware storage. For the collector, this unit was made before the "blue" painted metal cabinets. It is 14" X 10" X 6" with 30 drawers. Individual drawers are 5 7/8" long X 1 1/8" deep and 2 3/4" wide.
Attach these bin boxes to any steel surface, such as machinery and cabinets, to keep small tools and parts nearby. Drawer-Style Plastic Bin Boxes Grab the handle to pull the bin box forward. It has a tab on the back to catch the underside of a shelf when tilted. Wardrobe & Display cabinets. Sofa. Table. Sideboard & Chest of drawer. Office furniture. Arm chair.
1. Parts cabinet with high loading capacity; 2.many drawers and label with factory price; 3.Space Utilization; 4.easy to clarify parts,small items,screw Tool Cabinets Precision machined and welded Made of cold roll steel Wheel or castor can be installed Mobile Industry Metal Multi-drawer Storage...
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