Choose for Me to Minimize Cost Choose for Me to Minimize Cost ... Ignition Coil Mounting Bracket ... } NGK COP Multi-Pack; 6 Coils NGK . $130.79: $0.00: $130.79 ...
My boyfriend had an echo and an ignition coil broke. They quoted us something like $800 to replace them all. We bought them (all 4) new off the internet for about $150, new spark for under $40 and it literally took us half an hour to replace them ourselves. User #361117 39 posts
See full list on Jun 04, 2018 · To make sure the ignition coil isn’t damaged by a failing spark plug, have the spark plugs and wires changed and the timing reset according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Likewise, if the Service Engine Soon or Check Engine light comes on, bring it in to our shop right away to locate and fix the problem.
Locate the ignition coil pack on your engine. If you have a 2.3L, 2.5L or 5.0L engine model, you may find two separate coil packs installed. Look at the front, upper and left hand side (driver's side) of the engine. Alternatively, just follow the spark plug wires from the spark plugs to the other end of the wires.
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