Oct 15, 2020 · For your use case, the analogous approach would be replace the Parquet sink with a custom sink that managed the lifecycle of the underlying parquet writer itself. Then you could control closing the current writer and creating a new one with an updated schema yourself and thus do it in code instead of via a restart.
Flink 1.10中,Flink 已经支持了 ORC (Hive 2+) 的向量化读取支持,但是这很局限,为此,Flink 1.11 增加了更多的向量化支持: ORC for Hive 1.x [8] Parquet for Hive 1,2,3 [9]
2 Compartment Sinks are versatile additions to your commercial kitchen. They are available in a number of different dimensions, including bowl/compartment depth. Confirm your installation space...Bulk-encoded sink 需要也指定 写目录和 BulkWriter.Factory. BulkWriter.Factory 有 3 个实现类 CompressWriterFactory, ParquetWriterFactory, SequenceFileWriterFactory 对应 三个 数据格式 (注意需要添加 maven flink 依赖): ParquetWriterFactory parquet格式 需要添加 flink-parquet 和 parquet-avro 依赖
Flink教程-flink 1.11 流式数据ORC格式写入file. 在flink中,StreamingFileSink是一个很重要的把流式数据写入文件系统的sink,可以支持写入行格式(json,csv等)的数据,以及列格式(o...
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