Jul 25, 2019 · I bought this laptop 2 months ago. the issue started 2 weeks ago.. no changes were made whatsoever. so the issue is.. when Im playing a game, for like 5-10minutes. fps were constantly drop in half. example: RE2 Remake = 60fps to 20-30 Spec Ops The Line = 120fps to 50-60 only happens on a game that requires dedicated GPU. game like Age Of Empires 2 doesnt suffer from this as this game is ...
Recently I have very high ping and very low FPS in CS:GO. My Internet provider is the best in the country, Romania, and it works super well in other games. My PC specs are RTX 2060 + I5 9600K + 16GB Ram. I use the low settings like everyone does. When I first opened CS:GO after I installed the ne...
Higher Frames does help CSGO to culminate its performance in a more "Polished manner". With a higher index of FPS, maps seem to be more coherent First and foremost, all you got to do is disable Vsync, followed by enabling 'Multi-core rendering' Vsync will make your game run in accordance with...Oct 04, 2018 · Lower FPS means choppy “non-smooth” gameplay, high FPS gives you smooth, overall better experience. However, most people have monitors that can either render 60 fps (60hz), 144 fps (144hz), or 244 FPS (240hz). Either way, we recommend enabling your FPS counter so you can see how well your computer performs running Ring of Elysium.
Aug 04, 2016 · Some other games that I run at higher than 60ps have pretty bad screen tearing and it would make running at higher FPS pointless for a lot of people. A constant 60fps is arguably better than highs of 120fps but with much larger frame rate drops and stuttering. but 4) I agree that choice is good and that for VR, higher than 60fps is desireable.
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