Aug 24, 2015 · ←Home Subscribe A Python script on AWS Data Pipeline August 24, 2015. Data pipelines are a good way to deploy a simple data processing task which needs to run on a daily or weekly schedule; it will automatically provision an EMR cluster for you, run your script, and then shut down at the end.
Parsing CSV and XML Web Scraping ... Built an ETL pipeline extracts raw data from S3 and load cleaned data back into HDFS ... Using Apache Airflow, automated and ...
Airflow is also able to interact with popular technologies like Hive, Presto, MySQL, HDFS, Postgres and S3. The base modules of airflow are also designed to be extended easily, so if your stack is not included (which is unlikely), modules can be re-written to interact with your required technology.Load FAVORITEMOVIES from an DynamoDB table Load LISTING from an Amazon S3 Bucket Load LISTING from an Amazon EMR cluster Using a manifest to specify data files Load LISTING from a pipe-delimited file (default delimiter) Load LISTING using columnar data in Parquet format Load LISTING using temporary credentials Load EVENT with options Load VENUE from a fixed-width data file Load CATEGORY from a ...
Note that, instead of reading from a csv file, we are going to use Athena to read from the resulting tables of the Glue Crawler. Glue is a serverless service so the processing power assigned is meassured in (Data Processing Units) DPUs.
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