Description Aguila SuperExtra 22 Long Rifle Ammo 38 Grain High Velocity Hollow Point ammo review offers the following information; For hunting small game and varmint, these hollow point.22 long rifle cartridges from Aguila make a great choice. With 250 rounds per box, you will have more than enough ammo for the job.
Catalog of Aguila Ammunition products: specialty .22 ammo like Super Colibri and Sniper SubSonic - SSS, 12ga minishells in buckshot 22LR 40gr Aguila Match Rifle Box 50 rds $5.99 $4.59 On Sale!
I find aguila to be pretty accurate in all my rifles. You know people always claim that you should only shoot subsonic rounds if shooting long distance with 22 rimfire but I have found it to be the opposite, especially if you use the super maximum rounds at 1700 fps. Faster than the CCI stingers at 30 grain bullets. Aguila 22 LR Ammunition Super Extra 1B221103 38 Grain Hollow Point 250 Rounds. $55.99 Our Price: $45.00. Add to Wish list. Quick view. Norma USA 22LR TAC-22 40 gr ...
Penetration of Aguila SSS bullets was more deep than usual .22 LR solid 40 grains bullets or that of .22 LR Scoremax, despite of the fact that 60 gr SSS bullet yaws soon after the hit on a dry paper pack used for penetration test media, and lost almost 50 % from it's weight.
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